— Building business through science —

To build a successful brand or business based on science, there has to be a commitment. Science has to be in your DNA, it has to form part of your blueprint. You need to be on top of the science, understand the science, and know how to apply the science.


Our Focus

We help you gather everything you have, and extract everything you know, bringing it together into one central place. Interpreting this information enables us to exercise our skills across …

Strategy & Landscape

Identifying and defining the role of science, and how it integrates across the business

Evidence & Substantiation

An objective and transparent
approach to the interpretation of
evidence that supports the
development of robust claims

Infrastructure & Team

Implementing a team and/or
model that can deliver cutting
edge science through to practical

Education & Communications

Executing an efficient mechanism for the generation and delivery of content that is quality assured and consistent in message

Innovation & NPD

Integrating platforms of investigation to help identify opportunities that facilitate growth and mitigate risk

Credibility & Partnerships

Building authentic relationships, and fuelling quality interactions with key sponsors, partners and recommenders


We love science, and we love to see it used and applied to the maximum benefit of the end user. We are scientists, practitioners and consumers all rolled into one. We are industry experts, adept at maximising science for commercial advantage.

We don’t just consult, we partner and embed, living and breathing the ambitions and aspirations of our clients. We work across brands, businesses and agencies. We are dynamic and proactive and pride ourselves on being fit for purpose.

We are Sports Integrated. A specialist consultancy group who drive the development and execution of cutting edge science through to practical application.

Brands we work with